Seabot-1 ROV

Your Ultimate ROV Inspection Solution Welcome to the future of underwater exploration and inspection!

About SeaBot

Welcome to the future of underwater exploration and inspection. The SeaBot-1 platform, developed by Mare Custos, is a game-changing, professional-grade Inspection Class ROV that seamlessly integrates a vast array of payloads and third-party modules and sensors. With the capability to combine up to eight high-flow thrusters, this powerhouse is designed for even the most power-demanding applications. The SeaBot-1 boasts a front camera delivering full HD IP

video, providing real-time analog video feeds to the surface. Embedded with a battery pack featuring on-the-fly recharge capabilities, this ROV is as practical as it is powerful. Its modular plug-and-play architecture ensures ease of maintenance and upgrades, making it the go-to choice for underwater missions. Reliability and robustness are at the core of this product, ensuring that it performs when it matters most. With a battery autonomy of 4 to 6 hours, the SeaBot-1 is your dependable partner in exploration. Discover the possibilities with Seabot LLC's Seabot-1, a compact, single-operator, and user-friendly mid-size ROV inspection solution that sets new standards in affordability and maneuverability.


  •  SeaBot-1 platform is a professional grade hub/middle size Inspection Class ROV to integrate and combine a wide range of payload and / or 3rd party modules and sensors.
  • Easy combination up to 8 high flow thrusters for power demanding apps
  • Front tilted camera with full HD IP video, and real-time analog video to the surface and 270 degree of freedom
  • Embedded battery pack with on-the fly recharge capabilities.
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade thanks to the modular plug&play architecture.
  • Reliable and robust product.
  • From 4 to 6 hours battery autonomy Seabot-1 platform in a nominal standard configuration, including a set of embedded modules for an inspection / observation mission.

Main Features:

  • Seabot-1 frame Size 600 x 590 x 320 mm, Ready-to-embed
    standard modules.
  • Depth 300m
  • Weight 21 KG in air | Slightly positive in sea water
  • 12kg payload capacity for add-on functions
  • 8 Thrusters for fine-3D movement control Pitch (with 8 thrusters
    config.) pitch/roll/yaw


  • Linear speed: up to 2.7 knots/5.1 km/h
  • Full HD Front Video Camera (dome-port) with tilt control Both wide angle full HD IP + real time analog video 2,8mm lens in standard
  • 2 subsea LED light projectors Each 3500Lm, wide angle, White Neutral Color
  • Embedded Sensors Navigation module (Accelerometer and Gyroscope) for auto heading Pressure sensor for auto-depth
  • Up to 8 free connectors for add-on capacities Seabot turn-key solution. Seabot turn-key solutions come with
  • Seabot-1 platform
  • Surface Control Unit (rack or waterproof suitcase with related Monitoring Software) Your affordable, maneuvering, stable, multi-functions, plug&play, compact, single operator and user-friendly Mid-Size ROV inspection solution.

Seabot-1 ROV

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