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Investment in ROV equipment can be quite expensive and financially risky. The cost of capital involves daily interest charges as well as financial carrying costs. In addition to the cost of capital, the equipment must be insured, maintained in an operationally readystatus (when not in the field earning revenues), housed in a secure location, staffed by qualified and trained personnel, and operated periodically (to verify full readiness. Moreover, underwater robotics solutions nowadays are way far from being curious and precise. In order to solve the emerging problems for the marine industry, we need not only curious and performant robotics solutions but also cost effective and easy to operate so that we can scale it everywhere. Carrying out this problem for years, we have started designing from a white board with a team composed of scientists, engineers, marine operators, divers, and researchers. Our main goal was not to make a new ROV or robot as everyone did, but to look at the problem as it is and think of other solutions. And we figured out that we can combine human intelligence(divers) and robotics technology to create the Ultimate Diver. A robot that is designed to onboard all in one lab and carry out data collection, sampling, and analysis systems. A vehicle that can perform 80% of the underwater inspection and operation missions within the scope of 300 meters of depth. Modular, cost-effective and user friendly were the key words
behind it. Since then Mare Custos has developed and deployed its ROV Brand SEABOT. Our products are divided mainly into 2 segments: The robotics platforms and the payloads. Where the platforms provide smoothness and high diving capabilities and the payloads offer a wide range of applications to our clients in different industries.The unique feature about our products is their modularity where we enable our users to perform different kind of missions with their systems. In order to achieve the targeted performance and capabilities, we have developed our unique and own technology in all our products starting from the software to the embedded systems and the mechanical parts. Through this strategy, we guarantee to our clients full support and operations of their robots.

our mission

Give marine operators access to robust and performant underwater technologies

At Mare Custos, we are committed to solving our customer’s challenges and problems in underwater asset inspection and management. Our core solution turns around cost efficiency, performance and ease of operation. We believe that the offshore and subsea infrastructures play a vital role in our world and our objective is to sustain it. Therefore, our goal is to empower our clients to achieve and maximize the value of our products and solutions.


Empowering Exploration and Innovation Beneath the Waves.


Modularity is our foundation, scalability our path. We believe in adaptable solutions that grow with your ambitions.


Enabling Underwater Excellence through Innovation. Exploring the Depths, Ensuring the Future.


Our concept is simple: modularity breeds scalability. We engineer adaptable solutions to fuel your evolving needs.

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empower exploration and drive innovation in the underwater realm. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge robotics and technology solutions that redefine what's possible beneath the waves. Through our commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental stewardship, we enable industries worldwide to explore, inspect, and conserve the oceans with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

we stand unwaveringly by our commitment to provide exceptional support services. Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their objectives and maximize the value of our products and services.

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